inkylibertine (inkylibertine) wrote in tradechicago,

Eat organic and/or help Hurricane Katrina survivors

Bubamara Pizza is collecting donations for survivors of hurricane Katrina. For the next couple of months, if you order a pizza (honestly the best in town, btw) or other (organic!) meal for delivery, the driver will collect your donation of clothes, toiletries, small toys for children, pet supplies, etc. - whatever you can contribute.

The owner told me about it over the phone when I ordered tonight. The driver was a bit surly and less than cooperative but when I called back to tell the owner he didn't want to take the donation, the owner assured me he is committed to doing this to help people in the southern states. You can also just drop off donations yourself at Bubamara Pizza, 4607 N Wolcott, Chicago, IL after 5 p.m.

Again, this will be going on for the next couple of months since, as he put it, these people will need help for a long time, not just in the next couple of days. If you have questions, call him up and ask him at 773-334-2633. I don't work there or know him personally; I just said I'd help spread the word. If you live in Chicago or know people who do, please pass on the info. Thanks.

Sorry if this isn't allowed; feel free to delete.
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