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Chicagoland trading

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22nd March 2008

costello117712:07am: River North Moving Sale!
Saturday March 22
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
109 Hubbard (bottom buzzer)
I'm moving to Spain and need to get rid of lots of stuff.  Women’s clothing, furniture, Ikea dressers, women’s clothing (L, 14, 16), cookbooks, design/art/architecture books, women’s inline skates, kitchenware (plates, glasses, etc.), cookware…and lot’s more!
No early birds please. Everything must GO !

1st January 2008

vardocargo10:13pm: For every new item that comes into my home, I'm trying to find a new home for an existing item...
I currently have a number of things (jeans, dresses, skirts, etc) posted on eBay, including plus sized and vintage items. Nearly everything (with the exception of two velvet dresses and a steel boned corset) is starting under $10. Please do take a peek. I definitely combine ship and all items are coming from a smoke-free home.

On to the auctions!

9th December 2007

vardocargo9:30pm: Holiday best....
In a shameless display of brazen huckstering, I wanted to post a mention of my current eBay auctions. I have a bunch of Holiday and party-appropriate dresses, jackets, and the like up for bid, including:

-a couple of Stop Staring dresses
-vintage delights
-a number of plus-sized pieces
-a TON of velvet.

Among the standouts are a vintage 1950s opera coat, a black velvet Victorian style blouse, and a cobalt blue crushed velvet tuxedo jacket.

Click here for eBay listings

Also, if your tastes run to the retro and you have the itch to stitch, I have a number of vintage patterns in my Etsy shop that will keep you busy all through the winter months!

Click here for Etsy listings

Thank you in advance for looking and helping to make my December just a bit more merry!


17th November 2007

in_motu_proprio5:10pm: Size 22-26 Clothes and Accessories
Do you need some clothes size 22-26 Women's? I may have just what you need. I'm trying to get rid of some of my old clothes, and would like to make a couple of bucks so that I can get some new clothes. I'd like to have all of these out of my house by the first of the year if possible. As it stands, I'm willing to do $3 shipping on everything except shoes under the cut tag. (That includes packaging!) Shoes would have to be a little more, like $5 due to the weight. Paypal is my preferred method of payment, but if you don't have it/can't do it, we can work something out.

I'd love to put some of these well-loved, gently worn, clothes into your hands. Prices are on each item, but everything is negotiable. The more you buy, the more likely I am to cut prices on stuff! Oh, and the spot on the pictures is on my lens, but I can't seem to get it off. Sorry!

Happy shopping!

Clicky, Clicky for cute clothes!Collapse )

13th December 2006

free_and_flawed8:57am: I'm moving back to Chicago on the 23rd and throughout my various moves, I've acquired a lot of furniture. Unfortunately December is not the prime month for a yard sale. I have a lot of furniture that is pretty new and in very good shape. I'm not expecting a lot of money for any of it. I'd just hate to throw it away.

I don't want to buy a huge storage space at Public Storage, so I figured if someone else could get use out of a piece of my furniture, I could deliver it after I get back into the city. I can have measurements and pictures if anyone is interested in a certain item. Just make an offer. Again, not looking for a huge chunk of money, just a little something.

The list:
A black coffee table with a slide out drawer (sold)
A green and purple table (used more like a decorative shelf for plants or something)
An entertainment center with four shelves and two cabinets (pending)
A T.V. (probably a 25 inch) (sold)
A six-drawer dresser.
A white bathroom shelf that goes over and behind the toilet. (sold)
Small computer desk on wheels. (pending)
A bigger computer desk - pull out drawer & pull out shelf for keyboard, a hutch attached with four shelves. (pending)
A bookcase (sold)
A utility shelf (good for garages and basements) (sold)
A headboard with a shelf.
Two corner lamps. (one left)
A wire microwave cart with a wooden top and three shelves. (sold)

If you want a picture or measurement, just comment or email me at not_ur_star@hotmail.com


x-posted to a couple places

19th November 2006

in_motu_proprio11:20am: updated list with new pictures....
Do you need some clothes size 22-28 Women's? I may have just what you need. I'm trying to get rid of some of my old clothes, and would like to make a couple of bucks so that I can get some new clothes. I'm not looking to gouge anyone, nor am I looking to schlep all the way downtown only to be stood up. If you're interested, e-mail me and we can talk prices. If you buy in bulk, we can negotiate splitting shipping.

Shirts, sweaters, pants, bathing suits, dresses, skirts, and shoes under the cut!!!Collapse )

13th June 2006

in_motu_proprio12:19am: Star Trek Collectables for sale
Come one, come all!

I am having a HUGE garage sale Friday, June 16 and Saturday June 17!

As you can see from the pictures below, a massive part of the garage sale is old star trek memorabilia.

click here for pics... glorious pics!!!!Collapse )

2nd December 2005

Hi! In an effort to make a bit more cash this month, I’ve posted a ton of items on eBay (clothing, vintage jewelry, shoes, accessories, plush and other toys, vintage housewares, graphic novels, and various gee-gaws). Help make my household’s Holidays a bit more merry!
On to the auctions…Collapse )
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26th October 2005


Hi! I currently have this really nifty vintage mohair and Persian lamb coat up for auction, as well as a bunch of other vintage and new clothes (even plus sizes) and accessories (a ton of vintage costume jewelry pieces), plus vintage housewares, collectables, and more.
Please take a peek at all of my auctions!
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19th October 2005

vardocargo6:16pm: I currently have a TON of items up for auction from clothes (including plus sizes) and accessories to vintage housewares and collectables, and other cool geegaws. Items such as:

Lot of 8 small and medium tops and sweaters Abercrombie, Banana Republic, etc

Universal Potteries Harvest Ballerina mixing bowl and cake/chop plate

Mikasa Terra Stone Saffron coffee server and gravy boat with drip plate

Mint with tags vintage fur collar

Plus size black velvet shirt with shell buttons

…and much more! Click here to see all of my auctions!
Current Mood: chipper

4th October 2005


Tons of clothing and accessories (including plus sizes), costuming, and vintage housewares! Some items starting as low as just $1.50! A bunch of great auctions are ending tonight. Keep checking back too, because I still have a large number of items to post this week!

Click here to check out all my current items!

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29th September 2005


Tons of clothing and accessories (including plus sizes), costuming, and vintage housewares! Some items starting as low as just $1.50! A bunch of great auctions are ending tomorrow. Keep checking back too, because I still have a large number of items to post this week!

Click here to check out all my current items!

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7th September 2005

inkylibertine12:22am: Eat organic and/or help Hurricane Katrina survivors
Bubamara Pizza is collecting donations for survivors of hurricane Katrina. For the next couple of months, if you order a pizza (honestly the best in town, btw) or other (organic!) meal for delivery, the driver will collect your donation of clothes, toiletries, small toys for children, pet supplies, etc. - whatever you can contribute.

The owner told me about it over the phone when I ordered tonight. The driver was a bit surly and less than cooperative but when I called back to tell the owner he didn't want to take the donation, the owner assured me he is committed to doing this to help people in the southern states. You can also just drop off donations yourself at Bubamara Pizza, 4607 N Wolcott, Chicago, IL after 5 p.m.

Again, this will be going on for the next couple of months since, as he put it, these people will need help for a long time, not just in the next couple of days. If you have questions, call him up and ask him at 773-334-2633. I don't work there or know him personally; I just said I'd help spread the word. If you live in Chicago or know people who do, please pass on the info. Thanks.

Sorry if this isn't allowed; feel free to delete.

15th June 2005

claude_juno10:43am: Does anyone have a cello in decent condition lying around that they no longer use? $$

Thanks <3
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9th June 2005

claude_juno11:21am: Hi everyone. New here, my name's PJ. I'm sure this is a long shot, but I'm looking for a book- Empire: The Life, Legend, and Madness of Howard Hughes. Just thought I'd try.
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damienone11:01am: I'd love to find someone willing to sell or trade:

A Canoe

Mac Computer

Cardborad cutouts


or PA speakers


2nd May 2005


Looking for:


xiu xiu

23rd March 2005

damienone11:51am: In need of cardboard cutouts or mannequins...

anybody able to help...?

28th August 2004

catbirdgirl12:08pm: devo assistance needed!
my younger brother never visits- and he really wants to come to the Devo concert in September (9/24)- but of course, it's all sold out.

Does anyone out there have an extra ticket that they could sell for a reasonable price, in the name of family togetherness? he lives in Phila and I live in Chicago.

email me at catbirdgirl@yahoo.com


7th July 2004

damienone3:44pm: Party 9 From Outer Space: This Saturday

Space… The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the House of Maplewood. Our continuing mission: To Move your body, To Blow your Mind.


You and the other puny earthlings are invited to join the space party to the stars. Get ready to experience worlds never visited, feelings never felt, as we host this Intergalactic Lovefest

Set In the year 2004, in the month of Julian, and on the anniversary of Kang and Kronos’s overthrow of the American Political system, or as you know it, the 10th.

So live for the moment, and try to wear a cool costume while you do it. It is your duty to come to the Maplewood party of the summer, Party 9 from outer space.

Email, or respond for directions, and to view the official website...


19th May 2004

damienone12:30pm: cd...? cabinet...?
ok, how bout now...
who needs a mix cd...?
mailed to you at no cost, to your bad self..!

i also have a big old wooden file cabinet from the 30's or 40's i would love to trade, anybody need an old wooden file cabinet..?
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12th March 2004

damienone2:14pm: wang chung tonight
anyone interested in coming to an 80's house party next weekend, and making countless new freinds, visit my jounal for info...

2nd March 2004

emanonx11:10am: Selling a bunch of stuff. Mostly makeup, some emo shoes, dress girly shoes, ipod accessories. Will be adding some books and clothing at a later date so I'll probably make another post in a week or so.

To the list...

26th February 2004

damienone12:11pm: spring cleaning
so, i am always willing to trade burned cd's...
i have a few mixes that i would love to trade too...

i guess i love getting mixes from people because the way they arrange music is never the way you would, i mean you never know what sounds good to anyone, really. Its kindof like i love being surprised when someone puts guns and roses on a mix next to bob dylan, and it works...

so mixes are always easy for me to trade. you know, an envelope in the mail. postage costs 68 cents...pretty cheap...

yeah, and with my spring cleaning, lots of other things for trade, but ill post them all later...

Current Mood: curious

15th November 2003

damienone1:07pm: oh...
and whats up people, lets trade some mix cd's or somethin'

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