Dr. Stephen Research (damienone) wrote in tradechicago,
Dr. Stephen Research

Party 9 From Outer Space: This Saturday


Space… The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the House of Maplewood. Our continuing mission: To Move your body, To Blow your Mind.


You and the other puny earthlings are invited to join the space party to the stars. Get ready to experience worlds never visited, feelings never felt, as we host this Intergalactic Lovefest

Set In the year 2004, in the month of Julian, and on the anniversary of Kang and Kronos’s overthrow of the American Political system, or as you know it, the 10th.

So live for the moment, and try to wear a cool costume while you do it. It is your duty to come to the Maplewood party of the summer, Party 9 from outer space.

Email, or respond for directions, and to view the official website...

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